You are a bottom, it’s very obvious so don’t try to deny it.
by Darjon January 11, 2020
The person who (could be a boy or a girl) in a sexual relationship is the one getting fucked/dominated/topped/etc.

The top is the opposite, (see dominant).
Wallace: Hey, did you know that Harrison is a huggggge bottom?
Jackie: Woah, really?
Wallace: Yeah! I was surprised when he let me dominate him. I wasn't complaining though, if you know what I mean. ;)
Jackie: That's surprising! He sure doesn't look like a bottom!
Wallace: Haha, yeah...
by WiltedRose May 6, 2020
(V) The act of taking the postion of a bottom, usually in same sex relationships.
by Bottom Twink October 10, 2017
A homosexual male (sometimes used to describe a homosexual female) who normally has the submissive role in sex, not pertaining to physical positioning.
At first notice he seems like a great dominant top, but when you get him in bed he turns into a shy, coy bottom.
by SupraX February 3, 2004
noun: The area known as Miami, Florida. Most places with the area code 305. Also called Da DADE, Da 305, M-I-A and anything else associated with Miami, Florida. Made popular by Miami native and Rapper Pitbull
A: "What part of Florida you from?"
B: "The Bottom"
A: "You're from Miami?"
by Wil Red May 1, 2006
a condition in which a person can't stop drinking alcohol. The only known cure for this condition is reaching the bottom of one's alcoholic beverage container.
Joe: Damn. I had a crappy day at work
Jim: Let's get drunk!
Joe: Sounds like a plan!

(2 hours later)

Joe: (Finishes entire bottle of Jack Daniels, and has to be transported to the ER to get his stomach pumped.)
Jim: Damn Joe! You got a fierce case of bottomitis!!!
by Rich Clinton July 4, 2009
A Neighborhood in the south part of Inglewood, Ca. Gang ridden Area with low income families, higha high amount of drug traficking. th e is about ten blocks between yukon and crenshaw ave. and between 104th street and century.
The bottoms can get so dangerous at night, the police wont even drive through it.
by Danny Ferrel January 22, 2007