4 definitions by bish12345

National 5 star ur best friend day, because sometimes they deserve it.
Me- Hey it’s November 1st you know what that means

Best Friends- What?
Me- *slap*
Best Friend- “Holy Shit Ouch
by bish12345 November 2, 2019
Generic Bitch. Me.
Someone who is a peasant, and is uncultured.
Friends Bf- I do love her u pleb
Me- hold up holy shit.
by bish12345 November 2, 2019
Someone you can go to for anything. Anything in the whole entire world, and they’ll listen and still love you. Doesn’t matter what gender. These people are the most important people in the world.
Me- Ur my best friend
Them- You too, love.
by bish12345 November 3, 2019
Being single when all ur friends have a male/female love interest. And sitting there with your friends when there with there love interest, and basically being a third-wheel. And loving pringles.
My Friend - *has bf*
Me- *being a single pringle*
by bish12345 November 2, 2019