1. you are single and ready to hookup with someone
2. you are single and ready to get to know people
i am single and ready to mingle
by anon11109876543210 September 16, 2014
Translation: I am ugly, broke, and have severe personality issues that drive potential dates/mates away.
Okay, I am only kidding.... just because someone says that he/she is "single and ready to mingle" does not necessarily mean that the person is undesirable. It's just that traditionally, most truly-attractive people have lots of OTHER folks approach THEM romantically, so one has to wonder why the person has to actually inform the world that he is "available and sociable". One should go ahead and befriend said individual, but just be a bit extra-wary of "red flags".
by QuacksO December 20, 2019
when a single person becomes 18 years of age and is ready to legally date.
"Hey tom are you legal yet?" "i'm legal, single, and ready to mingle"
by zachariah smith July 15, 2008
A term when your spouse has died and instead of sex, you are now looking at pranking fire/police stations for entertainment, resulting in a possibility of a gay "mingle"
police officer: so how is your wife?
firefighter: you know she's dead right?
police officer: cool mine, too.

by sukmadick January 30, 2012
Something someone might say when they are single and are going to masturbate and/or have sex for the first time
I just got a match on Tinder!

I’m single and I’m ready to mingle!
by RandomJack69 December 20, 2018