Second Studio Album by The Who released December 9,1966.
A Quick One
1."Run, Run, Run" - 2:43
2."Boris the Spider" (Entwistle) - 2:29
3."I Need You" (Moon) - 2:25
4."Whiskey Man" (Entwistle) - 2:57
5."Heat Wave" (Holland/Dozier/Holland) - 1:57
6."Cobwebs and Strange" (Moon) - 2:31
7."Don't Look Away" - 2:54
8."See My Way" (Daltrey) - 1:53
9."So Sad About Us" - 3:04
10."A Quick One While He's Away" - 9:10
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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a term used meaning to masturbate derived from a real stupid brazillian kid.
Hey Rodrigo how many quick ones did you
by lil'whitey June 25, 2004
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a slap or hit, directed towards a particulary ignroant person
by Vulcan43 October 8, 2008
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To smoke or drink in a hurry because you are leaving your current location. For example, if you want to smoke a cigarette but your friends don't allow you to smoke in their car, you Ram a Quick One. Or, you just ordered a beer at the bar but your driver is ready to go and is leaving, you Ram a Quick One.
"Hold on dude, let me Ram A Quick One before I get in your car."

"Yo girl, we are bouncing outta this bitch. Place is dead."
"Ok, let me Ram A Quick One! "
by rythelastman August 17, 2015
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To drink 6 schooners of beer in quick succession at the pub, often by yourself in the middle of the day. This sort of drinking is common with shift workers and young family men escaping their wives and kids for a quick binge and a punt.
Writes in Group Chat full of 30yo men “just had 6 quick ones, now back home to resume dad duties. Hahaha.” Accompanied by photo of half drunk schooner and TAB ticket
by Top grogger April 17, 2023
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when someone tries to kiss you or make a move on you in an instant.
"When I was hugging him goodbye, he pulled a quick one on me."
by rt_kris June 17, 2016
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The sentence is used when you beat off for your friend.
1. person : Damn no one probably beats of to me.
2. person : Hold on let me rub a quick one for you brudda.

By CowBoiBiscuitXD
by CowBoiBiscuitXD October 24, 2022
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