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To waste time. It orginates from a drug expierence while walking around the streets of Buffalo, NY. A mother and son were walking and the child began to kick vegetables in someone's front garden. The mother then told her child, "you can't go around kicking cabbage, you're wasting time."
"Hurry up Ben, you're kicking cabbage."
by rythelastman January 24, 2012
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To smoke or drink in a hurry because you are leaving your current location. For example, if you want to smoke a cigarette but your friends don't allow you to smoke in their car, you Ram a Quick One. Or, you just ordered a beer at the bar but your driver is ready to go and is leaving, you Ram a Quick One.
"Hold on dude, let me Ram A Quick One before I get in your car."

"Yo girl, we are bouncing outta this bitch. Place is dead."
"Ok, let me Ram A Quick One! "
by rythelastman September 25, 2015
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