A woman who will praise and worship a higher power while getting laid.
I took Shirley home last night and she was "a preacher" in bed. She was screaming "Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God!"
by 00Mancandy January 1, 2010
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When someone is nice to your face, but are robbing you behind your back. Other uses: to preach; preaching.
"Dude, I just got Preachered!"

"Man, don't preach me!"

"Bob, Sally is totally preaching you!"
by Twigboy January 8, 2008
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An American comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon with 66 monthly issues and some other miniseries.

The series contain a lot of foul language, anti-religious stance, anti-racist stance (which is indicated shortly as: people are fine but Americans are a bit fine-r even if they are all rednecks), sexuality, perversion, violance, sci-fi/fantasy items, drugs and alcohol etc.


The plot revolves around the three main characters: Preacher Jesse Custer, gunfreak Tulip O'Hare and their Irish vampire friend Proinsias Cassidy; trying to track down God to make him answer that why he'd left heaven and creation while a lotta folks are praying to him for some reason. In the meantime they have to face many rivals such as: Saint of Killers, Jesse's family, the Grail, the Meatman etc.

----End of the Spoiler----
'Fuck you Gran'ma. Fuck you an' alla your monsters.'
- Preacher #12
by brujahonly August 5, 2009
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Often found on street corners talking some nonsense about god and amusing the general public.
General crowd: "LOL!"
by T&Capply May 27, 2008
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A not generally society accepted to make a job, these sort of people come to your door and try and piss you off into joining the lord, they are mainly called Emma and also they hide in the libraries looking for the holy relics
Knock at the door
Me: ffs it’s another preacher

Emma: are you interested in joining the lord
Me: piss off
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1. A person who speaks the word of their religion

2. An american television series

3. A child rapist
by ThisLittleLightOfMine June 9, 2019
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An intermediate level sexual maneuver that is invoked during lengthy cunnilingus. When the 'eater's' neck gets tired, they used their hands to hold up their head in a praying sort of manner. The side benefit to this position is that the pinky fingers can be used to push the labia lips aside if the woman is well endowed in that area - that is, push the meat curtains aside.
"Man, I was eating box so long last night that I had to use the preacher. Eventually she squirted, but my neck muscles are sore today. Thank god for the preacher move."
by motorboater77 November 27, 2016
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