An unreleased song you would really like to be released. Could be a snippet, leak or teased song.
Person 1: "You hear that new Trippie snippet on ig?"
Person 2: "Yes! Grail fr!"
by cuminmethugger February 12, 2022
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the shoe shoeheads and sneakerheads want the most for their collection. the shoes they will do anything for.. including selling or trading their whole collection for it.
those hawain dunks are my grails
by zerep April 5, 2006
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an amzaing ship.
grail set the seas with abigail and graser. cute cute couple with a sexy graser10 and a qt abigail.
omg look! graser tweeted abigail!! #grail 5eva
by Kiinqtonqwhy September 1, 2014
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Trailing is the sexual act of when you rub your pink finger against another man's anus, until they release poo onto the finger nail. They then leave it to dry, before scraping it off with their teeth.
Harry: I was out with the lads yesterday, when Colby suggested I tried to grail with Dan! To be honest, his poo tastes so nice!

Barney: Gotta love a bit of Grailing on the weekend! HU!
by Barnabus69 December 6, 2016
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Sexdaily (dyslexic) version of railed.
Grail me baby!

"You know Mhairi?" "Damn, *bites lip* yeah." "She grailed me so hard last night!" "I'm so jealous!!"
by clackiestclacker March 10, 2021
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Something that you love and its your favorite thing. Or life Savior
This eye liner is like my holy grail .
by Coraline vela July 26, 2016
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