A meter used to detect pedos.
Joe Mama: I have A Pedometer and it is going off!
Deez: Dude, where’s the pedo??
Pedo (Mr krabs): It isn’t me i swear!!
by SoapMuncher May 30, 2022
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a device that beeps everytime a pedofile is close to you
oh no! the pedometer is beeping. lets get out of here
by lschi1 March 31, 2015
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A scientific instrument for measuring the degree of a person's sexual attraction to children.
"Applicants whose pedometer scores are greater than 25% are not approved for the position of Scoutmaster."
by va1erio January 23, 2007
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Device used to measure the number of children in the park at any given time.
To Kyle's delight, his pedometer allerted him that it was prime time to be at the local swingsets.
by JoeCoolJRRT July 11, 2010
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Pedo-Meter= a device that keeps count of how many pedofiles you pass.
My pedometer reached 314 today during my 2 mile jog through the park.
by Camille Sterling January 10, 2010
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1.) pedometer (ped-o-mee-ter) n - an instrument that is required by the National Police Defense Foundation to be worn by a convicted pedophile to record the approximate distance that the pedophile is from a potential child victim. Upon being the 39.37 U.S. inches away from a prepubescent human, the instrument will start beeping and will alert the respective authorities.
After charges of pedophilia, John was equiped with a pedometer to better secure the safety of children.
by violetist August 21, 2009
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Many-legged child molestor; bespectacled kiddy-fiddler with top speed of over 20 mph.
You'd better call the Traffic Police, little Jimmy Osmond was just attacked by a pedometer.
by Crookback August 22, 2004
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