'Ken is short for 'Fucken' or 'Farken'.

'Fucken' is short for 'Fucking' and is purposely misspelled when one is trying to evoke Australian accent and/or tongue.
'Ken Oath.
'Ken Awesome.
'Kenhell son, you've lit the farken house on fire!
by Tim Kelly August 29, 2004
The boyfriend of a doll named Barbie. A white rich boy that has the face of a psychopath.
Barbie: Hey Ken
Ken: Hey Barbie
by Angie Goth December 29, 2016
When someone with the name of Ken completely and utterly verbally rapes you
by kennytheledgend May 29, 2012
The act of urinating whilst seated. To Ken, Kenning, Kenned
"Woah, you ken?"
by TherealBug May 30, 2019
The noun 'Ken' is given to people that lactate exceptionally well through their nipples despite being a male. They

typically have the stiffest nipples, thus making it difficult to talk to them as they are so stiff they could seriously injury a persons eye. Ken's tend to 'need' people to accompany them since they can't do anything by themselves, for example, watching anime and going to kensi. Some might argue that he's just a pussy. Despite this fatal flaw, they can be good listeners too. Ken is short tempered and has a considerably lower IQ than a monkey. Before arguing with a Ken be prepared to lose a couple of brain cells as they are so brain dead.
Ken? Huh, what a degenerate. Nice nips mate x
by doctorgoose June 2, 2020
A male with no sexual attraction or a person that is impossible to imagine having sexual reproductive organs. Dervived from barbie's boyfriend ken who has a void of genitalia.
"I don't fancy him, he's a ken"
"he's a friend but i wouldn't date him, he's a bit of a ken"
by ZoeK June 21, 2006