When you ejaculate on a girls face after she asked you not to and ask "why so serious"
My girl ate the last piece of chicken after she knew i wanted it, so when i was getting some head that night I pulled out and gave her a joker
by therealdicktracy January 21, 2012
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Defacing your own pictures to look like the Joker from the Batman movie The Dark Knight.

Here are the steps to jokerization:

1. Find a good picture of yourself
2. Copy and paste it into Paint
3. Using the pencil or paintbrush tool, blacken your eyes
4. Using the aforementioned tools, switch to the color red and draw a big smile across your lips
5. Writing "WHY SO SERIOUS" on the picture is optional

Ta-da! Jokerization!

In response to The Dark Knight, many people have jokerized their pictures and put them up on Facebook.
by Backyard Betty July 22, 2008
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A villain of the Batman universe, first appearing in Batman #1 (1940). He is considored to be the Caped Crusader's arch nemesis. His title is the "Clown Prince of Crime".

The Joker's real name is unknown, though according to the first movie starring Nicholson, it might of been Jack Napier. The catalyst of his insanity has different tellings:

Originally a failed comedian, coerced into crime after the deaths of his wife and unborn child. Disguised as the "Red Hood", he failed to steal from Monarch Playing Cards. Running from Batman, he fell into a waste pool by the Ace Chemical Processing.

Surving the accident, it coloured his hair green, bleached his skin white and deformed his mouth into a red smile. Using eccentric weapons like acid spilling flowers and static joy-buzzers, he sadistically amuses his victims before he murders them. Other schemes include bribery and terroism.

The sidekick and former pyschiatrist of The Joker is Harley Quin (a.k.a Harleen Quinzel). She accompanies and supports her love interest in his crimes in Gotham City.
"Do I look like I'm joking?"
by Anonymous December 19, 2004
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To photoshop pictures of celebrities, politicians, or other public figures to display face paint similar to that of the Joker.
Did you see that hilarious .gif with the jokerization of Tyra Banks?
by O.N.T.D. July 18, 2008
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Josh said he was going to show up today, but he jokered us instead.
by Andy Anarchist December 14, 2010
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