a girl that everyone wants to be/look like/act like. “a heather” is said most commonly in conan gray’s song “Heather” which describes someone basically being jealous of a girl named heather.
maddie is such a heather, she is so pretty and fashionable and funny.
by harrystylin0 August 15, 2020
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The name Heather refers to a song by Conan Gray. In the song, the person he has a crush on doesn’t like him back because they like Heather. He says that he wishes he were Heather because everybody always seems to like her. When someone says that you’re Heather, they mean that everybody can’t help but like you.
She’s the Heather of her school
I wish I was a Heather
by Ms537 August 14, 2020
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someone who is prettier than you . More talented , Amazing and every guy would get down on their knees for her.
"she's a heather"
"she's the school's heather"
"My Sister is a HEATHER and im a rat."
by itsthenotbeingaheatherforme August 19, 2020
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Heather is basically one of the only person you can trust. She isn’t afraid to hurt someones feelings, tells the truth, and always has her friends backs. But never do her wrong, once you break her trust she might not be too forgiving. She has a group of guys that would die to have her but chooses those who might challenge her instead. Shes the life of the party and loves to make friends. Heather shares everything she has. Including an occasional spliff. (She is the life of the party after all) If you know a heather you know her presence is addicting. You always want her around because everything about her is perfect. Her eyes gleam and her smile could lift up a room and not to mention her sex appeal. Heather could seduce anyone..including females. Although heather often times struggles to see her own worth, hundreds appreciate her everyday. Never give up on a Heather. Theyre an angel in disguise.
Heather is so down to earth!
by Xxgoyhboixx March 04, 2019
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Heather is beautiful, honest, down to earth and straight-up unbelievable. She likes keeping to herself and usually doesn’t let people into her life, her private life is known only by a lucky few. And if you’re lucky enough to get to know heather, you’re in for a treat. Her eyes are like the Caribbean, she’s a woman you can’t get out of your mind once you’ve met her and you can’t live without once you know her. Once you’ve kissed her you’re hooked. She has many boys wanting her but she’ll only go for someone who is a challenge to her. She’s not a whore but definitely not innocent, she will blow you mind in bed and really knows how to seduce a guy and turn them on to the point where it’s almost painful. She doesn’t fall in love easily but when she does she falls hard and deep and she’ll stay by you forever, but if you break her heart she may not be very forgiving. She's much underappreciated until you realize what she actually does for everyone. She loves books, classical music, she’s a good cook and a wonderful mother. Defiantly someone to hold on to.
i can't stop thinking about Heather...
by ladyyy May 30, 2014
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Are we gonna have a problem?
You got a bone to pick?
You've come so far why now are you pulling on my dick?
I'd normally slap your face off
And everyone here could watch
But I'm feeling nice
Here's some advice
Listen up beeyotch
Omg the Heathers are with vErOnIcA.
by busterisheresis November 12, 2019
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