The action of slurping/sucking on a fine ass batches suculent nappy tats until your cheeks cave in and you make the fish face.
(At Hooters)"I wanna give all these chicks finding nemos."
by Godofredo Smith March 4, 2005
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Finding nemo is a ma15+ rated movie.i do not recommend little kids watching finding nemo is for 15+ becuase it has sharks named bruise who is verry evil.there re also other scarey things on the movie.SO DONT WATCH IT.
by Finding nemo is scarey September 12, 2019
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When a girl in the bathtub can't find a guys Jewish penis within 3 minutes
Hey Rebecca, yesterday I was finding nemo with John.
by Bigdickbaljeet69 March 15, 2016
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Prior to anal sex a clownfish is inserted into the girls rectum. You then proceed to give her the anal pounding her father never would. After you are finished insert your hand into her anus until you have located the fish. Successful completion of the move requires you to remove your hand while grasping the fish in a closed fist. Also known as the salty cookie jar.
Andrea didn’t care for the anal but came buckets when I was finding Nemo.
by Slippin' pee hands January 28, 2019
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The story of a handicapped boy, Nemo, who's mother and siblings were brutally murdered in front of their home.
On his first day of school, he is abducted by a masked man and is held prisoner in a dentist's office.
The story chronicles his father's journey to find him and his attempts at escape... portrayed by animated fish.
Finding Nemo is arguably Disney's most maturely written film.
by SlaveToMemory June 25, 2007
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Cumming inside a girl and then trying to scoop out your little fishys with your fingers
"yo bro i came in my gf last night so I had to finding nemo her"

"good save bro"
by Trippyhits October 16, 2012
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Fill up your tub, throw your clownfish in there, strap goggles on your girl, then smash her head in the water and bang her in the ass until she catches the fish.
Last night I found Nemo'd my girl!

You better watch it babe or you'll be finding Nemo!
by Donnie Gleason January 12, 2011
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