A small autistic boy who has somehow escaped day care he is armed and on the loose. If you see a small albino boy who wears fortnite shirts, do not interact with him call his tard wrangler imediatly.
"Don't Be A Eugene!"
by Tard Wrangler # 69 December 17, 2018
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A mentally unstable individual who typically sports a fedora and will attempt to shoot up a school with his nerf guns
What’s that kid doing?

Shit Eugene is reaching into his backpack

by BirdyBoiJt July 21, 2018
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A male that tries to flirt with girls and has a famous pick up line of "Do you watch youtube"
Oh there goes the eugene again"-Birdman
by chain smoker 30000 April 8, 2016
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A cringeworthy individual usaully spotted stalking children in parks or trying to pick up girls. commonly seen wearing crocs and/or fedoras.
"Hey Eugene I like your Call of Duty shirt."
*Eugene pulls gun out and starts shooting up the school.*
by Sky Keith April 2, 2016
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The ideology that humanity should evolutionarily progress through the use of eugenics.
Eugenism is the most evolutionarily valid third political alternative to the naivety of liberalism and conservatism.
by sciencefriday April 1, 2010
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A photo where Eugene Shylo's head photoshopped at random coordinates.
TAC photo was so eugenized
by neledov October 22, 2018
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The applied science of improving the gene pool by selecting positive DNA; this is called positive eugenics, and by removing the negative DNA; this is called negative eugenics.
Eugenics breeding genetically changed the wolf into a domesticated dog; imagine what we could do to humans.
by sciencefriday February 23, 2010
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