Herp da derp derpa derp. A derpity

derpity herpa derp derp. Derp derp

derp. A herp derp herpity derpity derp.
Derp 1: Herp derp?

Derp 2: Derp.

Derp 1: Derpa herp derp derp?

Derp 2: Derp...
by ElTalonO August 30, 2010
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one that expells an action of a complete and total fail
*Person 1 tries to walk up the down escalator*
Person 2: DERP!
by DerpYou February 7, 2010
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Someone who defies the laws of stupidity by being really, really stupid and derpy.
Melinda: I made a character named Aaron Brancher. He's going to be a rancher!
Friend: God, Melinda. You're such a derp.
by camille is black May 18, 2011
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Kevin, upon seeing the large quantity of lasers, began derping.
by Kat the Scalie December 3, 2020
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Being scared while coughing
Oh my god! Call 911, Kevin is derping so hard
by Nizibishi December 4, 2020
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To cough and be scared at the same time. Typically used in situations involving lasers, french accents, and a lot of bore ragnarok.
Kevin: “Is derping still a word or is my inner boomer showing?”

Kevin was derping earlier.
by ARC Trooper 5555 December 8, 2020
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