1. a female who just wants to hit and be gone with the wind.
2. a female who just wants to do it in ya car.
3. a female that passes you by.
4. a female with a certain scent.
5. a female with long long hair.
6. a Bitch thats easy
a breezy can be any female in view cuz you know how i do.
by James Sanchez April 27, 2006
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1.another way of saying goodbye
2.have a good one
"alright practice is over, ill see u guys next week"
"k coach, be breezy"
by jabbawockee 67 March 29, 2008
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A hyperactive female. Likeable. Most likely entertaining. Doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. Easy going. Doesn't follow the croud. Unique. Talented.
damn! did you see that chick, she's breezi
by SweetThug January 17, 2008
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Marcus : Hey man i see you later im about to head out
Trey : ight man be breezie
by TreyAvion Carter February 11, 2015
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breezies = good looking girls
"everywhere you go with rob youre always late." "thats cuz when you ride with with rob expect to be hollerin at some breezies."
by NAAACKK February 08, 2005
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The word breezy is a combination of the two words which describe a woman that is easy. The word "broad" (slang for a woman) is combined with the word easy creating the derogatory word "breezy."
"Don't worry, you're not her baby's daddy, she probably doesn't know who the daddy is, she ain't nuttin' but a breezy"
by Lynnette August 15, 2003
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