1.A wealthy or very rich person.
2.Somebody who claims to be wealthy or very rich but actually he/she isn't.
X: nice suit dude.(trying to touch)
Y:thanks dude.Hey watch it.That's a $2000 suit.
X:When did you become A Bill Gates,Huh?
by eugene uu November 3, 2007
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Jay-have you seen Felix's new car?
Rose-Sure,what about the car?
Jay -it costs a fabulous sum.Don't you know that?
Rose-Hahaha,haven't you realized that Felix is A Bill Gates.
Jay-Well,yeah.But why would somebody wanna ride in such an expensive car?
by eugene uu November 3, 2007
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a guy you pirate windows from.
Guy 1: Where did you get your copy of windows?
Guy 2: Oh, I pirated it from Bill Gates.
by kokipoki January 18, 2019
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correction, his current stock is worth over $100 billion now. Plus he donated $32 billion to educational purposes. Hes a good man and a philanthropist who made our world alot easier through Microsoft.
Bill Gates does not dress up like P. Diddy ...even though hes a thousand times richer than him.
by truthseeker August 7, 2005
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When somebody with a small or micro penis loses their erection.
"dude I was smashing that girl and her dad walked in and I went full Bill Gates"
by Balls Deep69 July 16, 2020
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Having an insane amount of money.
I used to be ballin', but now I'm bill gating!
by JustSomeDude02 October 10, 2010
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A man ridiculed and envied for his wealth, when in reality he is one of the greatest philanthropist ever.
Person1: Bill Gates is Hitler!111
Person2: Last year he gave more towards polio research than every government in the western world. When he dies his son will only get $10 million dollars of inheritance; the rest will go to charity.
Person1: Bill Gates is Hitler!
by GuyQuest February 1, 2006
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