When two drag queens hook up.
Did you see Mimi and Cece after the show last night? I think there was some kai kai going on behind the scenes!
by xstevenprocess June 3, 2009
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When two or more drag queens have engage in intercourse. This can be done in or out of drag.
Gurl, Trade came over last night with eyebrows arched for the Godz. I had to send him home cause I don't Kai Kai.
by Crystal Mess March 22, 2016
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kay kay is what a little kid may call their elder when shortening names like katelyn, kristen, kathleen, etc.
little brother: " i love you kay kay"
me: " i love you too baby"

by KatelynnnnM January 26, 2009
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Kai is a handsome, loving, sweet kind, caring gentleman, and gentle isn't an exaggeration. Kai can be so sweet, cute, and his smile is just so amazing, that you might just drown in happiness while near him. Kai is the type of friend that you'd want to keep forever, and if you catch him as your boyfriend. Omg lucky you bish! He can be sassy at times, but that just makes him cuter. Kai usually likes to cuddle, be really cheesy, and he is just a total sweetheart, if you are in a relationship with him, you will never want to stop hugging him, he is very huggable and when he hugs you, you'll want to claim it as your new home. Kai always wants to make sure you're okay when something seems wrong, and if anyone did anything to hurt you, he will make sure you're okay and then he would even go to teach the person who hurt you mentally or physically a lesson. You see. If you have a Kai in your life. It's sure to be great, because Kai will just brighten up your day.
Anon: "Hi. What's your name?"

Kai: "it's Kai."

Anon: "omg, you're mine now." *scoops Kai up in arms and runs away.* "MIIIIIINE."
by An Emo Ass Bitch December 7, 2018
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A name reffering to a boy with everything good in a person. Kais are huggable, sweet, romantic, talented, and smart.
They have great hair, a playful personality, and they're everything good you can think of. Being humble, usually they dont admit or see how amazing they are. Kais are guys with good senses of humor and are fun to be around. Kais the nicest people you will ever meet. They'll be your shoulder to cry on, and they never break promises. With beautiful souls, and eyes full of wisdom, you'll know right away that they know a lot. Girls, if you ever find a Kai, hold on to him tight, because you'll never find someone as amazing as him ever again. Kais only come every once in a lifetime. With a big heart in his chest, and he'll accept who you are, what you do, and support you. You'll swear that he's an angel sent from above. He's a Kai. Simple as that.
Human A "Your boyfriend is such a Kai."
Human B "I know (: I'm so glad I met him. He's everything I've ever wanted."
by Lehcar0 July 1, 2011
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A guy who is definitely a keeper. He's one of the sweetest guys you will ever know. Kais are sweet, smart, and really funny. They have a great personality and they are fun to talk to. Kais are really into music. Kais are there for you no matter what and help you through whatever. Kai will accept you for who you are. Once you have a Kai in your life, you're never going to want to let him go because he is so amazing. Did i mention he's sexy too?
Girl 1: He's such a Kai!

Girl 2: I know, I'm glad he's mine! He's so amazing.
by funah0lic May 22, 2013
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