This is when the man stands on something like a bed and the girl is standing on the floor while giving a BJ. All parties are standing for the duration of the BJ. It doesn't have to occur on a bed it can happen in the woods on a rock, on the stairs, any number of places.
by ElPachanga May 13, 2013
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When the dog takes a shit and the shit stands up vertically
Holy Fuck... My dog just took a stander.
by Rusty2Fingers November 26, 2014
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Those who don't make it to the bench in time to get a seat. They end up standing behind all the other players and watch the game from there.
The standers were the last to go in because they had to wait until someone got up off the bench to take a seat.
by The Batman from the 218 December 2, 2011
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when a male sticks his arse in your face constantly
pace: he was bare standering me

nicole: innitt bruv
by violet1234 September 30, 2009
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A lady who stands when using the potty, rather than waste time laying down a seat cover and sitting.
Mary: This bathroom line is ridiculous.
Jane: It would go a lot faster if there were more standers up in here.
by WomanofMassDestruction October 14, 2007
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to mix or intermingle smoothly and inseparably various sorts of standards.
To make work life easy and have a crunchy desert for all of his employees, Mike has standerized all of his policies and procedures into a tasty simple solution.
by WACKED February 4, 2010
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