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a store that should not make clothes over the size of a medium (although some mediums arent fit for some of their clothes either) because then fat girls wear hollister jeans (which are extremely low-cut) and then their butt-crack hangs out of the back & their rolls fall out the top.
ok, so even MY crack is hanging out of these hollister jeans & i wear a 0. no wonder the fat girls always have such a bad muffin top!
by littlemissme:] March 14, 2010
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is probably the shittiest place in the world hands down. there are bums everywhere & the rich kids act as white trash as they possibly can while their parents drive their hummers around. its mostly consisting of "bros" and "bro hoes". it smells and the people who dont get their education stay here & spend most of their time at the hookah bar...and eventually become a bum as well.

on a good note, this place is jam packed with mormons who are actually really good people :]

This place has a horrible name and while i hate living here its not that bad. im not white trash at all. some people are just unfortunate & end up here not by choice. i graduated high school ON TIME with a DIPLOMA and 3.0 gpa & a scholarship & im in college without any intention of dropping out. i also have a job & work hard everyday. so, what im really getting at is the stereotype kind of disgusts me at times. because im anything but the majority of trashy people who live here.

thanks for reading :]
friend: omg did you see those girls?
me: no. why?
friend: there were like 3 of them, they were all bffs & pregnant! they were all high as hell too & paying for their chips with their food stamps...oh there are their fat boyfriends who dont have jobs...their tattoos look like shit.
me: im so glad you cant really tell the IM from 951, and thank god my area code is 714 :]
by littlemissme:] March 10, 2010
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