Area code serving the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Niagara. Was originally 416, but was split in 1992 to provide more telephone numbers. 905 is overlaid with area code 289, making the whole numbering situation a mess.
I am not a Torontoid, and I have a 905 number, w00t w00t!
by Snickerdo September 1, 2004
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Term used by Toronto urbanites to poke fun of those who live, and/or behave like they live, in the suburbs.

You shop at Wal-Mart? That's, like, sooooo 905.
by Király July 13, 2006
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surrounding toronto area, but bassically refering to the more ghetto part of peel.
by UD10000 November 3, 2007
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area code of Richmond Hill area in Ontario, Canada, which is just north of Toronto
"yo, let's cruise the 905 and stop by Papprazi"
by nitrice January 20, 2004
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905 is the hardest gang out on the streets. Anyone who fronts on 905 will be hunted down and killed. 905 wears the colors green and black and resides in Cway, SC. The gang does not affiliate with any snitches or liars. They are all about the money.
905 is ready to ride
by Bobby Watford August 10, 2006
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This is the guy who shoots Nelks Videos.. He only full sends and is a fucking beauty.
"You see 905 shooter the other day?"
"Yeah he was fucking my girlfriend.. reverse cow,"
"Wow Hes ferda"
by The fucking boys October 31, 2017
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