The day an absolute GOD is born.
She is also a whore.
Oml she is such a god she must be born on January 8th.
by Christ all mighty November 18, 2019
The day everyone picks on their friend patrick
Today's January 8th.....I'm gonna talk shit to Patrick all day
by BDK98 January 8, 2016
National kiss your girlfriend day

It happens a few times this year but boys go kiss ur girl
Boyfriend: kisses girlfriend

Girlfriend: what was that for
Boyfriend: it’s January 8th
by Yuhhh69 January 2, 2021
Baddies, national THICK day PERIODT/PERIANA, GANGSTAS DONT TEST THEM OKURT, besties birthday march 24th they are also thick
Oh that girl named fortune is thick no homo and her birthday January 8th
by HCv November 15, 2019
National "kiss your best friends day"
Make sure you kiss all your friends, lips if you're brave, and cheek if you're a chicken. Have fun, you might uncover a secret ;)

Girl 1: *kisses Girl 2*

Girl 2: Wtf?!

Girl 1: *shows this page* it's January 8th!
"I'm gonna go kiss Ava, it's January 8th"
by Frostythesnowmansdick December 29, 2020
People born in January 8th are shy people at first but the more you get to know them the more joyful and fun to be around, they probably had a troubled childhood but they try their best to leave it in the past, people born on this date are usually the best person you’ll meet, but get on their bad side and they’ll hold a grudge.
Person 1: hey they’re born on January 8th!
Person 2: omg let’s be their friend!
by Anonymousdefintions November 23, 2021