Friend 1: bro why did you just kiss me
Friend 2: it’s January 8th
Friend 1: oh yeah, i forgot
by BigDamientheThird January 8, 2021
On January 8th lick the bottom of your shoe.
It’s January 8th, let me lick my shoe.
by code red November 2, 2019
Was the day the shittiest CoD player was born aka Liemmel 27, fucking LIEMMEL 27?!. He sucks ass absolute donkey. Just know he is a “handy schänder” and the “Mädchen schänder”.
Joe: “look at that player he was probably born on the 8th of January 2007, look he is camping and playing RPD, like a Liemmel.”
Jeff: “if he kills me one more time im going to impregnate his mother.”
by Liemmel27 August 29, 2022
The day short people were born, no doubt 👍
Ha my little sister was born on January 8th, she’s gonna be short af
by littlemac_3 September 27, 2021
January 8th is National Slap a Georgia day! This basically means that in this day, you can slap ANYONE with the name georgia. you can snap them as many times as you want and as hard as you want
You: Guess what? It’s January 8th

Someone named Georgia: So?

You: It’s National Slap a Georgia Day!! I get to slap you! *slaps as hard as possible*
by itsyomamma April 17, 2021
january 8th, the day when an OG is born , a GOD , a GODDESS , a nigga snatcher , a take your girl.
person: omg were u on January 8th?

person born on that day: yes..? why?

person 1: *bows down*
by mya. November 16, 2022