It means a very small dick. It is also more original than 69
My username is pissgirl_8o
by MojojojoddsTU3 April 8, 2021
Originated on #NT, it is a person wearing glasses essentially looking back-and-fourth. Looking for approval, or seeing what's up.
Does anybody have that new Dom Kennedy tape? 8o

Have y'all seen Tila Tequila's nudes 8o
by The Dirtylicious March 26, 2010
A character used to describe utter beauty and/or perfection; Courtney Lemon
wow, that girl is so 8o.
by iambigfoot January 19, 2008
the text symbol for "clown face", the epitome of being clown-like aka complete moron, or imbecile

usually displayed towards one displaying a level of severe idiocy, similar to the day to day actions of a clown

embarrassment should ensure from one being sent the clown face
joe: yo i just got an email from the prince of nigeria, ill be rich once he adds the funds to the account info i gave him!
tom: <|8O)

joe: let's push out with a sniper
tom: <|8O)
by the best2 June 28, 2013
it is a emoticon on the internet that means your extremely angry that your about to rage
cyberbully: hey you suck alot
you: >8O
by crunchyorange October 27, 2017
When someone is so bored and have already typed zaxqscwdvefbrgnthmyjukilop and polikujymhtngrbfevdwcsqxaz they type zax`qsc1wdv2efb3rgn4thm5yj,6uk.7il/8o;9p'0-=\ don't worry, it gets better
I am dead inside, i will type zax`qsc1wdv2efb3rgn4thm5yj,6uk.7il/8o;9p'0-=\
by Dbot02496 May 23, 2021