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Eighty-Five (adjective) is a word which is commonly used in Persian (Farsi) spoken language.

- The perfection index or number which is generally used to describe or address the hugeness of one's boobs size.

- The golden number which is used to quantify or rate the hugeness of one's boobs size. Women with different boob sizes are always compared with Eighty-Five as the utmost desired size.

- The perfect size for women boobs (as desired by men). An Eighty-Five boob will typically both fill men's hand and face. It is equivalent to 38DD boob size (according to USA bra sizing).
Example 1 :
+ WoW. Look at that Eighty-Five chick walking across the street.
- Yeah. You're right. Look at those yummy boobs!

Example 2 :
There is a famous motto which says "an honest small boob girl friend worth more than a thosand of cheating Eighty-Five ones!"
by WildWetWords August 17, 2018
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The exact epitome of when a retard who has a lower standard of mental capacity and it is displayed to its fullest capacity.
"Wow look at that stupid eighty-five."
"Yea I bet he got an eighty-five on a basic skills math test"
"Even though hes in high school"
by U need Defs??? I got Defs... October 06, 2017
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1. to ejacualte
2. to express sexual arousal
colin: hey rainman, check out that bird there.
rainman: 85!
by justin trousermoot May 06, 2004
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