Arnis is a piece of stick measuring from 26 to 30 inches long at about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter use as a means of self-defense weapon of a Jendo Filipino martial arts practitioner. Arnis sticks can be pieces of woods that can be found in the Philippines called rattan, bahi, kamagong or yakal or yantok. Jendo martial arts practitioners sometimes call arnis as Baot or pang-or. It is an Ilocano word which means stick or to whip.

Arnis now is popularly known as a stick-fighting sport being promoted by the International Jendo Federation.

The Jendo Arnis stick-fighting sport was formulated by Grandmaster Jonathan "June" Makiling Abaya of Barangay Hulo, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.
I would like to join the Arnis Stick-Fighting sports competition.
by Teresita I. Biscaro April 6, 2008
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She's cute and firm kind of person. She's being kind to everyone she met. She's also difficult to fall in love, but once she does it is unconditionally and fight for the one she love. Very hardworking person and passionate but beware, once she dislike a person, she'll never turn back.
by Er237 October 6, 2019
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A term used to describe someone of impossible strength, someone with the ability to pound Hummer's into coke cans and soak up bullets like an AK spits them out. Of course, only Arnie can posses such strength and thus it is only possible to allocate this term to people within the general viscinity of his strength, say, 100th of it.
However, huge arms and henchman thwacking potential is not all that constitutes a person deserving enough of the Arnie moniker. No, that person must also be able to recycle a select number of crude phrases after each finishing blow.
*Thwack!* *Bomp!* I'm Detective John Kimbell! *Thack!* *Pow!*' And so on, in the unmistakable tone of Arnie.
by Jordan Petts October 3, 2005
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A person you can count on to whip out the tequila, sombreros, and chest hair who fits easily into suitcases.
I can't believe he got naked and rode around on that goat. What an Arni thing to do!
by Apon May 30, 2010
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Arnis are the type of women who will either make you laugh or make you cry. Regardless, it's great to be around them. It's said that there is a rare chance of encountering the arnithepanda Arni type which can only be found in the chad biome. Arnithepandas are actually male which occurs through a rare genetic mutatino in the chad cells. Arnis are incredibly sexy and will make people excited regardless of gender or sexuality.
Arni: balls
Arni: penis
Joe: I have schizophrenia
by SigFigLover6969696969696 May 24, 2022
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a girl who is loves music. She has the most beautiful eyes and she can convey her feelings like no other. Whenever you're feeling down Arni is the best person to go to because she will always make you feel better. Kind in spirit, she loves others more than she loves herself and will do anything for her friends.
I'm really sad, I think I'll talk to Arni.
by TheParanormalChicken November 28, 2020
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