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Someone who is full of and thinks very highly of him/herself.
Emperor Evil says:
why do i have to be such a god? ugh
by Kav July 07, 2004
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Something I made up that EmperorEvil stole. It's someone who's yelling, for irony, because people who have the disability that they can't talk normally, sortof to the side, would prohibit them from speaking loudly.
Guy: Quit yelling.
by Kav July 09, 2004
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An insult a dumbass 12-year-old would use as a comeback.
<Someguy> Your game looks like shit cock sucker.
<Dumbass> stfu craplips
by Kav July 07, 2004
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This number is a symbol for perfection and used by arrogant people to belittle you.
Robert: I got a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT, lad.
by Kav April 30, 2006
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