The act of “multitasking” while masturbating. You might call your friend while masturbating but it’s not gay because you’re multitasking.
Jeremy: I spend a lot of time multitasking

Michael: multitasking? like page 80
by Billy the Alien May 19, 2020
A show on the same premise as That 70's Show, except everyone saw it as the ripoff that it was and died after 1 or 2 episodes.
Never speak of That 80s Show. Erase this page. Tell your children.
by King Of Yesterday October 17, 2006
One cannot wear tank tops unless is is greater than 80 degrees out or they can combine curl more than 80 pounds.
Rick was breaking the 80-80 Rule so I made him put a sweatshirt over his frail arms
by Oginator March 3, 2016
Trusty old boat shaped landcruiser, most commonly known as a Nissan recovery vehicle because their turbo 4.2 (1hdt) is a lot more reliable than the Nissan kettle.

Commonly referred to as a cruiseship because of the large amount of body roll it has

Nissan drivers always bag the mighty Toyota 80 series because they’re jealous that they don’t own one
That patrol is stuck in the mud, better get him out with my trusty 80 series
by 80seriesqueen November 9, 2018
gamer1: hey bro, its already 8 am you know what time it is..
gamer2: what?
gamer1: its 20/80 bro
gamer2: whats 20/80?
gamer1: allow me to educate you..
by SoftTofu March 22, 2020
Just another excuse for fat people to waste more time playing WoW
<person A> "Did you hear? George Fisher is working on reaching Level 80 with his tauren character!"
<person B> "Wow! At least he stopped wasting time on his music career"
by Xtreme2252 March 9, 2009
Link 80 formed in 1994, in the famous East Bay of California. They have had members come and go, just like many other bands. Their first official singer was Nick Traina, who recorded two albums with Link 80 (17 Reasons... and Killing Katie). He left the band in '97 to join another band called Knowledge, however he unfortunately died a month later. Ryan Noble eventually took over on vocals and recorded one full-length album, The Struggle Continues..., with Link 80. In 2002 the band went on hiatus, and has yet to returned from it.
Link 80 is a great ska band.
by Peter G June 20, 2004