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If youre being sassy, chances are youre wearing sassy pants
Quit being so sassy, sassy pants
by Emoworm March 07, 2005

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While doing your woman from behind, lean in close and whisper "I have AIDS" and then grab her ears and hold on for 8 Seconds, this is also known as a bull riding term.
Dude I missed it by like a second!
by Emoworm May 07, 2005

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When a girl is deepthroated a guy and his dick is really far down there, he blows his load and she gags and throws up right? Except it cant come out the mouth cuz the dong is in there so it comes out her nose.
Dude this girl blew dragon breath on my new pants!
by Emoworm May 07, 2005

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Baddest muthas on the west coast, AKA Banditos Des Nudo, they are known to streak often whooping and hollering and jumping off of stuff. Dominating the scene the BDN is the newest in a hard hitting wave of "enforcer" Crews. One way to know its a BDN member is to check their gooch for an old English BDN tattooed in blood.
Fear the white bitches, the BDN is coming.

The BDN is so fucking brutal, they cut out my mom's vag with safety-scissors, because i'm so fucking lameXcore
by Emoworm May 08, 2005

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