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by MemeLord8008s January 6, 2020
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The act of having sex while being high as hell
Hey you wanna 69420 wit me baby!
by Dubiks December 23, 2018
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A multiple of 89 and 780.

The act of performing simultaneous oral sex (69) while hitting a bong. (420)
Person 1: Hey, did you know that 69420 is a multiple of 89?
Person 2: 89? What's that?
Person 1: Titty fucking.

Person 2: Oh, right. Titty fucking is nice. Wait.... 69420 is a multiple of 89?

Person 1: Yes. 89 x 13 = 1157 x 6 = 6942 x 10 obviously = 69420. Weren't you paying attention in math class?

Person 2: 69 is nice, 420 is nice, and so is 89. So if 69420 is a multiple of 89, that makes it triple nice!

Catholic: But it's also a multiple of 13. So it's unholy. The preachers weren't lying when they said sex and drugs were evil.
Person 2: Fuck off, catholic!

Catholic: Alright then. Good luck burning in hell....
Person 1: YOU go burn in hell!

Catholic: I can't. God will grant me my worthy place in heaven.
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The nicest sex position where you 69 while getting high.
I 69420 with Mia Khalifa it was the first time I got high.
by MEMEREVEIW February 12, 2020
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This law states that the person obligated to this amendment will have so send 🥜 pics if the conditions of the agreement are not met.
In accordance to amendment 69420, if so and so is accepted and does not happen, the punishment will be sending 🥜 pics.
by 69420 law July 17, 2021
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