When you're going down on each other, and you fart so hard, your lady friend goes for her Coronavirus mask.
We were going down on each other after I ate Taco bell, and I let one rip. Due to how close my butt was to her face, she immediately threw on her Coronavirus mask and kept sucking like a champ. Covid-69!
by Mike Oxenormous October 11, 2020
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An infamous chapter in fan fiction, usually used as a smutty chapter.
Chapter 69 of that fanficiton scarred me for life.
by PhandomShipper1289 June 22, 2017
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It is when you 69 somebody and they shit all over your face and upper chest.
Me: Last night, Miranda and i 69 avalanched. It was heaven on earth!
Charlie: Man, I wish me and my girlfriend would let me do that!
Me: Yeah, I find that a good old fashioned 69 avalanche spices up any relationship, its worked for me!
by XxMethanxX February 26, 2014
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The meaning is to do the sex position, 69, on a corpse.
I did 69(necrophiliac) inside your fucking mom's casket with her.
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Someine who overuses the term 69ing so it becomes annoying.
Mike: Hey let's 69 on our double date!
John: Dude wtf?
Mike: I can 69 your girlfriend and you 69 mine and we'll all 69 everybody!
John: Dude don't be a 69 Overuser.
by realdoorkonbh August 07, 2012
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The 69 Rule applies when you have a streak with someone on Snapchat. Every time a streak gets to 69 one of the persons with the streak must point out that they have hit 69 days. The other person must then respond with a nude and then for the rest of that day you must send only nudes until the streak is lost or moves to 70.
Person 1: Hehe, we hit 69
Person 2: Haha yeah we did
Person 1: Don’t you know the 69 Rule
Person 2: No, what is it?
Person 1: When you get a 69 day streak you have to send nudes for the whole day
Person 2: Oh, really. Well ok ;) *sends nude*
Person 1: *sends nude*
by MrCrisps May 13, 2020
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