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This should only be attempted with an experienced or just gifted female. Basically the chick gets on her bed in a yoga position and the man approaches her spread legs and grabs her around her lower back while pulling her off the bed. The chick then positions herself in the target zone and goes to town. The man needs to lock his elbows in his hands otherwise he might drop her when the moment cums ;) Cross country runners are generally the best.
Jeff: Bitch drop that yoga book and show me a position on the bed
Ang: Okay...
Jeff: Have you ever done Standing 69?
Ang: No *giggle*
by jseidel40imajc October 08, 2006
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When the male partner is able to lift the female partner's legs over his sholders and eat her out while she is hanging down his front giving him head.
Man,I was exausted after doing a standing 69 with my girlfriend.
by Tom Faggington March 06, 2009
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