666 was a number used in the book of revealtions to symbolise the number of the beast, it is also refered to as the letters of someone’s name or title, identifying the Antichrist.
This is all bull crap because when you study into the bible you don't take things as literal as fundamentlists and noobs. Because of incorrect translations the original number 616 was accidently reformed into the number 666 in the newer texts. During the origins of the apocalyptic writings, the romans were still in power and because of this The emperors were noted for their oppression of both Jews and early Christians. Both communities were known to use numerology, codes and symbols when living under Roman rule to avoid persecution and they according to the translation of 616 the name came up to be 'NERO' a roman emperor, other than this the term 'beast' and can only refer to a Roman emperor, specifically known as Domitian, and also because he had reigned during the proposed time of origin of the Apocalyptic writings, in addition his nickname beast was wideley known by the Romans, Greek, Christians and Jews.
by Tuan.n May 23, 2007
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Guest 666, A mysterious Guest.
Describes everyone who's mysterious.
Wow, did you just come into my room like a Guest 666?

Stop acting like Guest 666!
by Hello Roblox January 30, 2018
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Among bikers 666 represents the 6th letter of the alphabet. Stands for FFF - Filthy Few Forever. Originated by (?) the Hells Angels and was used for it's shock value as society correlated it with being the "Number of the Beast".

Some 1% bikers wear the 666 patch to indicate they are "pure evil" and have done many things society would view as "evil". They are generally "the baddest of the bad".

Not usually a spoken term but used on patches on the biker's cuts.

This patch is found either in the shape of a rhombus (diamond) or as a "rocker".
Did you see the 666 on his cut? Man, he is 666 (pure evil).
by willdbeast81 March 31, 2012
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The Access code to the briefcase in pulp fiction
Vince Vega opened the briefcase by arranging the numbers to read 666
by REDXGSXR August 23, 2006
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