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A female whom is a fundamental danger to men, shes a shameless hoe will track your cock down and males are powerless in her morally void traction pull.
"Dave, FFS stay away from her, she is going to totally fuck your life up." said Steve.

"I can't, I just can't. Steve she's a total filth bag, she really is." said Dave as he stared in to his pint.

"Dave, she a Jezabel full stop, stay well clear, this hoe is fatal" said Steve
by bartonscooter January 31, 2015
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she's the kinda girl who will be all serious and hilarious at the same time, she always has the best of friends to make her happy, also when u say something perverted she will take it so far u DIE laughing
she's being so Jezabel
by Jezabel's GREATEST friend January 03, 2014
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