King Von is a 26 year old rapper from O Block in Chicago he is associated with OTF and is a absolute demon and most important...

bitch he not from 63rd
Is that king von?

Yeah bitch he not from 63rd
by xCodeRed5 September 8, 2020
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a word that describes someone that can aim, and is not from 63rd.
nigga blast some king von and lets go lurk 63rd
by yourmomisgay69420 February 3, 2021
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The Definition of a Menace, BAFE(Black Air Force Energy), And a Real Ass Nigga
I ain't tryna squash no beef, nigga (Squash no beef, nigga)
We into it 'til you die, real street nigga (Real street nigga)
At yo' funeral, I might just slide, rest in pee, nigga (Rest in pee, nigga)
Shoot up everybody that's outside
Bet Wooski feel this one (Boom-boom, boom-boom)
I bet Wooski still twitchin' (Damn, damn-damn)
He changed, somethin' different~King Von
by 🅱️ hristmas December 22, 2022
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A sexy nigga who is not from 63rd and has four plus three, three plus two bodies on his count.
LIL DURK: Aye Von aint you turning 63 today?

LIL DURK: But aint this yo 63rd birthday?
by Mansnothot69420! November 4, 2022
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King Von is an Chicago rapper, from O block since he's an B.D. (Black Disciples) one of the most dangerous, well known, largest gangs in Chicago. The Chicago rapper 'died' on November 6th 2020 from an set-up by 'Lil Durk, which is why I don't listen to 'Lil Durk or Quando Rondo, and I'm sure you're aware of the Music Industry so you know it was a sacrifise. Most people now N' days know about the dark side of the industry so I don't see no point of them trying to say ''It's not true'' even rappers told millions of their fans that it's true. So, stop.
Person 1: You heard about King Von's tragic death? Person: 2 Ooh, yeah of course I did it had to be a blood sacrifise or something since to many people know about the industry.
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the greatest drill rapper to ever live RIP VON
king von was so goated

we not from 63rd
by taetoocrazy November 6, 2020
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King von a ducking demon that nigga will blow you shit out you pants than date yo mama and have a baby wit yo sister that run of screaming “bitch I’m not from 63rd” or “finna light up that tooka”.
King von will drill yo shit.
by Liltimmyfrom63rd September 26, 2020
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