A Durant is a 7 feet long venomous snake that was indigenous to Oklahoma City, Oklahama. This snake migrated to Oakland, California around 2016. It was reported that the environment caused the snake to choke repeatedly. The snake left it's original habitat in order to survive in a much more cohesive environment where it could thrive.
A Durant just bit me on my ass after I tried to help it survive.

Never keep a Durant as a pet, it will turn around and bite you no matter what you do for it. It is only loyal to itself.

A Durant has no loyalty.
by Desert Hawk June 10, 2018
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To puke, vomit, or throw up excessively.
The crappy movie made Ryan want to durant.

Shit! He duranted in my car!
by ZeDong Mao March 2, 2017
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ONE BAD ASS MOTHERFUCKER... Plain and simple
Usually has one undercover friend that sings alot.
Lisa: That guy is such a Durant.
Amy: I know right; And there's his undercover friend.
Lisa: OMG your so right.

Amy: Lol your so mean.
by CoolSexyChick1 November 9, 2011
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A 'durant' is a person who isn't very attractive. They will usually have sex with anything. A durant always has his/her bottom jaw
hanging open with a blank expression on his/her face.
I think I got an STD from sitting too close to that durant in math class.
by Callmepeanut February 17, 2009
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Durant is a small town nestled in the countryside of Iowa. The school has very little athletic talent, but they'll be damned if they don't have school spirit. Alcohol is the choice entertainment for the weekend, and most every student has tried marijuana at least once. Common fashion consists of sweat pants and old t-shirts, with dyed hair and piercings a plenty. Those who were something else are generally in the skankiform, meaning a denim mini-skirt, low-cut tank tops under a lower-cut shirt, and scrunched hair. The occasional hick pops up from time-to-time who think they know everything about horses, farms, and 'the hard life.' Really, though, people tend to hate the 'hicks'. They're annoying. And self-centered. And generally on the retarded side. Sex and pregnancy isn't rare. Dads roam the halls, and people openly discuss who blew who. Also, rumors of STD's spread like wildfire. Who cares if the person is standing right there? Someone will say they have Herpes in a totally serious manner, even if they don't. All in all, Durant is filled with a bunch of drama-causing bitches. Those who avoid the drama are most likely going to kill themselves by the age of 40 out of sheer depression by all the bad memories. Emo life, here we come!
Where the hell is Durant?
by KSM September 26, 2006
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When a person uses a fake social media account to act like someone else so they can RANT to defend their real self from people posting trash about them.

The word is inspired by Kevin Durant creating alternate twitter accounts
Heather posted on facebook that Jon had a small penis so Jon duranted a facebook page under the name Lisa and posted his penis was huge.
by Mike the man with the plan September 21, 2017
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buying an 8th of weed since Kevin Durant's jersey is #35, and an 8th of weed is 3.5 grams.
"Ay Mane u gotta Durant to sell"
by bnsty23 June 10, 2013
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