the area between one's balls and bum
"I went for a ride last night. I went flying over a bump and landed right on my jenk", or "I'm going to kick you in the jenk"
by Captain Bird's Eye April 22, 2006
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The greatest drug ever. Pioneered by Africans in the eighties, the jenk-development process involves defecating into a jar, putting a balloon on top, "fermenting" the product by letting it sit in the sun for several days, and finally inhaling the gas the forms inside the balloon.

Contrary to some urban myths, you can only get high off the jenk gas in the balloon, not the solid residue. Snorting the residue is commonly referred to as "jenkaine" which in fact does not get you high and is simply a poorly developed attempt at misinformation.
"Little boy, can you elaborate on the potency of this, jenk?"

"Old man, this is more potent than cannabis."
by Austin is the shat April 27, 2008
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(adj.) root unknown. 1) irrelevant; unnecessary; 2) junk; garbage; 3) dumb
This class is jenk!
by may-o10 April 27, 2010
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aiden: yo jamal, did you hear about that stupid woman who accidentally had a bear eat off her daughters fingers?

jamal: WUT? that's jenk yo
by jimsfgggggg April 26, 2012
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Unfair or unlawful, not cool.
Man, we had a wicked hard pop quiz, that is so jenk.
by Rei September 15, 2004
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pieced together, made to work, but with incongruous parts.
This jenk bike gets me around ok.
by justjenk January 18, 2007
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one who has small penis he also likes to insert hes penis in other men
oh look see that jenk over there must be the big gay
by pena boy February 18, 2019
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