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Countries that are largeley dependant on the United Stated for one reason or another such as trade, aid money or military support
by Paul September 08, 2004
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Countries that currently, or in recent history have depended upon the United States. Often used in an arrogant manner by some Americans who think that somehow showing support towards a nation should somehow give them a stake in that nation. Also often used by people noting that the culture of a country seems, or that a country shows a lot of support towards the US, or because of their cultural similarity to the US.
First usage: The United Kingdom due to the assistance from Americans in World War II, is sometimes a considered a 51st state.
Second usage: The United Kingdom is considered a 51st state due to their government's support of America in the Iraq war.
by DavidJB May 01, 2006
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a non U.S. Country that is considered too supportive of the U.S. by it's residents
Canadian: "Canada is turning in the 51st state. I wish we were not so close to the U.S."

American: "Whatever."
by The Return of Light Joker August 28, 2008
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