To be caught doing some bs or some nasty shit on video or in a screenshot, and theres no way to hide from it because its 4k
“Damn he was in the DMs asking for squirt videos , caught his ass in 4k

“How did they catch you in 4k???” - supreme dreams
by Black mass December 14, 2020
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4k means 4,000 dollars.

It also means when you catch someone doing some pretty gross stuff.
Jacob: Hey Danny!
Danny: Yes?

Jacob: I got 4k dollars!
Danny: Woah that's awesome, congratulations!


Jacob: Hey Danny.
Danny: Yes Jacob?
Jacob: I caught Ella in 4k again!
Danny: Well that's bad, and gross!
by Toby. :D February 26, 2021
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Englands best cs clan with a fat player called liquid
"u play for 4k?"
"yea ;D"
"u the fat one?"
"errr i'm liquid"
"yea the fat one"
"whats ur problem?"
by Wu^ April 7, 2003
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A person of great value.

Someone that's anti fuck-boys
Someone who truly likes their friends
A gentleman

A honorable person
by Kamachi December 30, 2021
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4KS (4 Kings Solid) or (4 King Shiem) is a brotherhood, business, organization, clique and soon to be record label, but that's the future. 4KS was established in 2016 in Chicago, IL. Just four best friends coming together and having fun with life. Their bond grew stronger and faster until one day they decided that they will always be side by side and never give up on what they have. Since then 4KS is on to be the greatest brotherhood/friendship of all time. 4KS has two upcoming artist, 4KS SIAH and 4KS MIl. Late February, 4KS SIAH has dropped his very first single called "Letter to her" with views of 6K, and still rising this day forward. 4KS SIAH has a debut upcoming mixtape named Neighborhood Hero. 4KS MIL has dropped only 5 singles with many more coming he says according to his social media. Within the next 2 or 3 years both artist will be very successful and eventually signed by then. Lets make sure that happen.
by unknown reporter November 10, 2020
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4000 pixels which is the highest quality. However it’s rare for something to be 4K so when something is bad quality, we use it as sarcasm.
“That image is 4K!”
by Wacko21jacko November 21, 2017
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When someone gets video evidence or proof of someone else saying or doing something that's hella sus whether its from a video or picture, voice recording it don't matter.
"Ayo I saw you do it and I have evidence. You got Caught in 4k bruh."
by a normal due March 12, 2021
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