the time of day when you really know you stayed up too long.
person 1: oh shit... i stayed up till 3 am doing my term paper.
hot female: fuck off
Person 2: i stayed up till 4 am doing my paper.
hot female: slacker! marry me!
by thegreatmonkey54 June 28, 2005
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A notification on my phone that its time for bed and to quit talking to "him"
'phone alarm rings'
me: shit i gotta go its 4 am
him: awe ok good night
me: good night
me: 'cries'
by qwerty.b November 12, 2019
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The point that you are officially going to be fucked tomorrow if you don't go to bed now, but for some reason your half functioning ass brain decides that, nope! Your staying up even longer, because going to bed now would actually be a rational thing to do, and why would you do rational things when you could fuck up your life and regret it later?
person: Aw, shit! It's 4am! I'm going to bed!

brain: No the fuck your not.
by Quinn is my fake name February 06, 2021
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The perfect time for a sandwich. Used commonly when a person is not tired, or cannot figure out a fucking alarm clock and have to wake up early. It is often caused by watching random videos and staying up on social media
I am writing this at 4 am with a sandwich in my hand
by swamphed February 26, 2021
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