A popular show on MTV airing since 1998.It documents people between the ages of 16-28 with strange situations.The most popular episodes have been I have drug/alcohol issues,I'm getting married,or I'm moving to Las Vegas/New York/LA.
Jeff:Did you see that crazy ass Dominican Chick on True Life?
David:Hell Yeah,That bitch was crazy!!
by David079 May 14, 2008
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1. True to one's typical/everyday behavior. In agreement. "that is correct," "you are right."
Person 1: You only took out the trash because she kept nagging.

Person 2: True life.
by xtehWalrusx December 28, 2011
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an mtv show that allows you to laugh at people with tourettes syndrome and other legit problems without guilt
hailey: hey did you see that episode of true life with that kid with tourettes?
josh: dude yeah that shit was funny.
by zooeyville January 4, 2009
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A best friend.
Someone who yhu kno for a fact will always hav ur back.
A bestie who can hold it down.
sombody to kick it with n share good times.
Sombody who ur really tight with and can party all night then chill at the pool later.
If yuh getted egged then they will be there kickin the bitches ass lol.
B, Brooke, Kelli, n Allie yhu guys are my TGFL's. True G for life.
by Al1v1a June 21, 2011
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A meme/example/description that's true to life - like true to size, except true to life.
I had a dream last night that I was packing for Mexico but I couldn't find anything to wear, which is true to life since I have no clothes
by Userphuser December 20, 2022
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