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A town located in the state of Massachusetts, USA.
Person: Look at those white kids acting like gangster niggers. What the fuck? This town is full of white people. There are no black people.

Townsperson: Welcome to Hopedale!
by Jeffu-san March 20, 2004
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One of the smallest towns in Mass.
~the show "my kind of town" came to Hopedale.
~Hopedales biggest business is stones furniture lol.
~Hopedale Actually has an airport "backstreet boys landed there"
~hopedale has a golf course.
~ hopedale only has 2 schools (most towns have like 5 or more)
~Hopedale is where everyones favorite store in town is cumbies! lol
~one of the pointer sisters lives in hopedale
Stephen Tyler grew up in Hopedale (my brother found a high school book with his name in it)
~corin and elizabeth
by corincookie October 09, 2005
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