A wheelchair trick which automatically gets you laid. Consists of balancing a chair with only 1 of the back wheels touching the ground and then spinning in a complete circle. Almost impossible and requires an extremely Ultralight chair.
1: What's your favorite WCMX trick?
2:360 tire spin!
by Satirically Cheesy August 10, 2017
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A sexual maneuver in where the participants assume the 69 position and then proceed to rotate on the Y axis 360 degrees.
Man: I 360 tootsie rolled my girl last night
Other Man: I've heard that drives the girls wild.
by keifchief November 28, 2018
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People say 360° no-scope if they did a 360 degrees spin and then kill someone.
I just did a 360° no-scope on COD: BO2
by Big boi Ghost October 25, 2019
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A more intense form of skydiving where you jump out of a plane, and skydive into another plane (thus creating a circle, so 360°). Similar to bonzai skydiving, there is no parachute, so don’t miss.
Guy 1: Hey man, what happened to Steve?
Guy 2: Oh, you didn’t hear. Steve’s 360° skydiving trip went south. He missed the second plane.
Guy 1: Damn...
by Screw-It-I'm-Out April 03, 2018
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When you’re hitting it From the back, pull out and pull a 360 cumshot on her back.
Chad: Dude last was crazy!
Erik: how?
Chad: I just pulled a reverse donkey style 360!
by General_lee01d April 27, 2021
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Boy, do you actually not know what those rings mean? If there’s 3 of them we’ll say goodbye to it.
There’s rings on Xbox 360 !
Well sorry, it’s done for.
by enAnomymous March 01, 2021
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Winner 360 or 360 for short is a brand that represents a brotherhood of go getters.
Them niggaz getting to it they must be winner 360
by Trill Beezy March 15, 2017
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