commonly referred to on That 70's Show; when members of the cast would get in "the circle" for a smoke session (to get the full effect of a '360' the camera pans to each member sitting in "the circle", doing a 360 degree turn)
-hey dude, my roommate and i bought a dime sack, you and your girl want to join us for a 360?
by tangerine31287 May 31, 2007
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A vial of 3 hallucinogenic substances and 55% alcohol. 15% PCP, 25% melted down shrooms, and 5% of lsd. You drink the vial like it was a shot was whiskey and you will be on a trip of a lifetime.
Jordan laced Casey's shot of Jack Daniels with 360 and he is really tripping balls!
by Stilts February 15, 2008
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Typically referred to as 360 friendly, this term is associated with Methamphetamine (also called meth, crystal, chalk, and ice, among other terms) use. Similar to the term 420 friendly, being 360 friendly means you are ok with and/or participate in the use of crystal meth. Methamphetimine users are typically referred to as tweakers and the act of being high on ice is referred to as tweaking out or being spun. Tweakers are known for getting "stuck"'going in circles whilst not accomplishing much and zooming so fast/hard they seem to run circles around everyone. Thus referencing the word 360 (a complete circle) with methamphetimine use.
Person one: "hey are you 360 friendly?"
Person two: "you know it"
Person one: " cool, we should roll a bowl later and have some fun"
by 1Life2Live August 12, 2016
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The state of a loo once a terribly bad shit has been excreted. The dirty water leaves a brown mark all the way around the rim of the toilet.
After her curry the night before, Sandra left a 360 in her parents en suite.
by Schwalvey August 08, 2010
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A game played where players attempt to jump and spin in a complete circle.
Man:(as he's throwing up) Dude never drink 2 twelve packs before you play 360...
by Aces_High December 21, 2006
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