the circular space surrounding you; your personal space
You're too close! Get outa my 360!
by PKluber July 11, 2007
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An Australian MC who sold-out. Claiming to be better than Biggie Smalls and 2Pac, he performs shows to 12-16 year olds. Now that he has a large teenage fan-base, he regards himself as the King of Oz HipHop, when really he's produces dub-step with shit lyrics, and claims it's hiphop. Real heads hate the aggit, and teeny-boppers love him. The Wiggles threatened to kidnap his dog missus if he didn't stop selling out shows, stealing their child fan-base.
"you're a sell-out"
"i feel bad for people who like 360's page, and then abuse him on his statuses"
"get the f*ck off facebook and do your homework you shitc*nt, it's past your bed-time anyway"

F*CK 60. ADL is the home of OZ HIPHOP.
by teecee May 28, 2012
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A vial of 3 hallucinogenic substances and 55% alcohol. 15% PCP, 25% melted down shrooms, and 5% of lsd. You drink the vial like it was a shot was whiskey and you will be on a trip of a lifetime.
Jordan laced Casey's shot of Jack Daniels with 360 and he is really tripping balls!
by Stilts February 15, 2008
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commonly referred to on That 70's Show; when members of the cast would get in "the circle" for a smoke session (to get the full effect of a '360' the camera pans to each member sitting in "the circle", doing a 360 degree turn)
-hey dude, my roommate and i bought a dime sack, you and your girl want to join us for a 360?
by tangerine31287 May 31, 2007
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The state of a loo once a terribly bad shit has been excreted. The dirty water leaves a brown mark all the way around the rim of the toilet.
After her curry the night before, Sandra left a 360 in her parents en suite.
by Schwalvey August 08, 2010
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To do a 360. When someone shits so hard that his shit touches all sides of the toilet bowl.
My stomach was so upset from my burrito last night that I did a 360.
by stefanrecouvreur August 21, 2014
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