to fuck a man and spin around on his dick completing a 360
I was fuckin' ol' boy so good that I did a 360 on his dick.
by cdub October 06, 2003
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Peeing in a circle in a bathroom at a business... this should only be used when u receive bad service and should be done privately. aim and fire while rotating in a circle
you go into a pizza place on a quite night and end up waiting for 1hr for a reg pizza... to protest this my friends friend went into the bathroom, locked the door and peed on everything
-hold on, the service was so bad im going to go do a quick 360 in the bathroom
by me355 May 06, 2007
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360 Waves- Hairstyle found on african american males! for examples of this hair style
by Twista February 17, 2005
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too spin 360 degrees. Generally used in skiing and snow boarding.
"Dude, I pulled a smooth 360 off that jump"
by Snips July 28, 2003
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Typically referred to as 360 friendly, this term is associated with Methamphetamine (also called meth, crystal, chalk, and ice, among other terms) use. Similar to the term 420 friendly, being 360 friendly means you are ok with and/or participate in the use of crystal meth. Methamphetimine users are typically referred to as tweakers and the act of being high on ice is referred to as tweaking out or being spun. Tweakers are known for getting "stuck"'going in circles whilst not accomplishing much and zooming so fast/hard they seem to run circles around everyone. Thus referencing the word 360 (a complete circle) with methamphetimine use.
Person one: "hey are you 360 friendly?"
Person two: "you know it"
Person one: " cool, we should roll a bowl later and have some fun"
by 1Life2Live March 05, 2016
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