Just like </3 but even more broken hence the more "3"
Girl: <33
Guy: You typed it wrong.
Girl: What...?
Guy: </3
Girl: Oh.
Girl: ;_; </33
by ayeeebishhh July 26, 2010
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omOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i <33 thats like x123123 more than a plain <3
by craigums March 7, 2005
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Simply put, the highest rank a mason can obtain.
A 33° mason knows and understands who controls the world better than any other person.
by Missouri Mason, January 24, 2007
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A heart used to converse and express emotion over the internet, through a text message, in E-mails, or on notes.

Is a more glamorous version of the tyical <3
can't wait to see you tonight <33
by CPIERY September 28, 2007
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The most elite way to spell "l33t". |33t.
Used sometimes by illiterates on forums to annoy literate people.
lYke 0/\/\g!11! 1 |5 +h3 |33+35+!!!!111!!!
by xthreeAM @ xanga.com July 17, 2005
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an emoticon used when roleplaying as a cat
AC: :33 < *ac perks up curiously*

AC: :33 < *she wiggles her rear end a bit and then chases something she s33s bounce into one of karkats shoes*
by tsundereCat [TC] June 2, 2017
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Multiple hearts. See <3
The second heart is partially obscured by the first heart.
Aww, you're so sweet! <33
by AVGN May 16, 2016
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