A female that claims to be a virgin, yet only 33% of her relevant orifices remain pure. How special can it feel to be the first through the front door when the entire football team has been through the back door and explored the chimney already?
"She says she's a virgin but she's totally a 33 percenter. Just ask her about when she blew Scronaldo under the bleachers, or when she let your boy ZK, Alpengeist, Booms, and Brandopolis put it in the back door!"
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An imaginary day created by the Easter Bunny. There are so many great things about this day. Now, for one it's Februaury, which never goes past 29 days. Most months only go up to 31 days, so "32nd" would sound a bit more obvious. Something about 33rd makes it sound more like a real day. Think about it. If you heard a movie trailer that said "February 33rd" you wouldn't think twice about.
Wit' 'dis giant Easta' egg bomb, I'm-a blow ya' to 'de imaginary day of February 33, in which you'll be trapt' fo' all eternity.

by nickreaper September 4, 2012
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Vix is by far the best person to walk on this Earth, everything about them is just so perfect. Their eyes, hair, nose, smile, just everything is so perfect about them. They’re laugh is brighter than the sun and stars combined, it could cure every depressed person’s sadness. They’re so very cute too, and by very I mean VERY, you could call in love with them the second you even glance at them as if you were to drink a love potion. And they’re so funny, even if they crack a small joke it’ll always be hilarious. This person deserves the world, wait no, UNIVERSE. Then again, they’re so perfect in every possible way, they may not think it by I do, ily vix :) -adie<33
by ad1e March 15, 2021
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This is taken from the work 67% and 33 % written on clothes as 67/33.. 67 % cotton and 33 % polyester...
In the same way when you find a person who is kind of crazy and not in his senses..we say he is not in his 100%'s....we say he is 67 33.
Hey George..."Did you see Nik after party yesterday....Michael--"Oh ya, that shots made him 67 33!!"
by Shrenik Shah January 27, 2010
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Bay area slang for Swisher Sweets, after Oakland A's player Nick Swisher who wears number 33.
"I got a pack of 33's, lets roll some blunts."
by smokeit September 3, 2007
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Kia is my love and if you don’t love her ur not smart. Because Kia’s beauty compare to urs is nothing because Kia is more beautiful then you. Kia has a great personality and she is the best! She is my number 1# and will always be my number 1#
Sage: hey don’t you think Kia is such a great person?!

Person: who is Kia??

Sage:blocked you must be very dumb if you don’t know who she is. It doesn’t matter she is better then you anyway 🤨

Sage when someone knows Kia.

Sage:hey Toni isn’t Kia the best?!

Toni:yes they are !

Sage: ur cool and smart

Now what did we learn today Kia is the best gf and friend we love Kia.

Kia <33 is my sunshine <333
by Kia fan club <33 July 3, 2021
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Stop trying to figure it out, you'll never know unless you're awesome.
Person A: Ay man what does 2:33 mean?
Me: fuck outta here
by 2two3thirty3three April 1, 2013
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