A wonderous area on GameFAQS.com thatis one of the many GameFAQs Message Boards. It is the UK board and home to a large number of people.

There are unwritten rules that everyone abides by (and as such I cant mention them here), and every so often there will be an exciting fad, such as the 1996 fad, the everlasting *battery dies* fad or the *phone rings* fad.

Also home to Malfoy, the world's biggest Emma Watson fan...
Malfoy: <3 Emma
UserA: That's great. Really. I love you.
UserB: OMFG, wtf? You are so stu-*battery dies*
by shaolinpunk May 2, 2005
The optimal jet speed for the tightest of turns in Battlefield 4.
“I was at 313 speed and turning as tight as I can, how the fuck did he still outrun me?”
by noimnotlying February 11, 2020
GameFAQs message board for people from the United Kingdom, full of people who think they are hilariously funny, but aren't.
User123: OMG malfoy paedo!
Yuza321: wut? wut? LOL nevar heard that 1 b4!11
ISTO: ¬_¬ im so liek kewl cuz i can stay up til 4am
User123: lol gud ol isto LOLOL *sigged*
by CJayC April 25, 2005
area of Detroit were Anybody Killa be reppin the hatchet.
ABK just fucked feminem's face up. Damn! dawg you right now he can't be makin any more of his gay porn videos.
by Milkbone January 11, 2005
dis that yemeni nigga from dearborn/detroit that thinks he’s gonna be a rapper but ends up working at his uncles corner shop, stay away from him
‘If he got 313 in his bio then stay away from him sis
by yemeniahbitch November 26, 2019
The 313 is another name for Detroit,michigan. Detroit is where eminem(the rapper) was born.
Guy 1:Bro have u been to the 313
Guy2:nah bro but I heard it's very ghetto
by Krabbi Krabster aka Marcus L February 28, 2018
Guy 1: dude did you hear about that guy who has a fetish for putting shit in helium balloons.
Guy 2: wow rule 313 right there bro.
by TFA_Shadowwalker_090 June 22, 2015