The worst acting homeroom but the homeroom that has the most fun
principal- you have 305 today for specials

gym teacher- I'm taking the day off
Spanish teacher- SECURITY
by sexydaddybs June 6, 2019
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its the area code for the miami,florida area and lower.

Used by Rappers to refer to miami.. also called the MIA ( due to the fact that so many letters confuse them so they just use numbers)

also the most reconized area by the rap/hip-hop community
"305 till i die"

tourist ( to a ghetto miami person ):" where am i young man?"
ghetto miami person: " the 305 nigga "
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Someone who comes from the streets of the 305, Miami-Dade County. The primary goal of a 305 goon is to get money and have sexual relations with several women, with little or no regard to the law. It has been proven that 305 goons are above the law, and can be found on many a corner smoking marijuana and selling crack-cocaine. 305 goons are superior to goons from other cities because they rep Miami hard. A common phrase among these goons is "305 TIL I DIE", which shows the incomparable lifelong commitment to the struggle. Famous 305 goons include: Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Plies, and Pitbull, among others. 305 gooning is a privilege and is not taken lightly. Those who are fortunate to have grown up in the projects in the Miami area understand the importance of this tradition. The tradition is passed from generation to generation, and it is not unusual to find a young hood-rat hustling and repping his "hood".
I got my ass jumped the other day by a bunch of 305 goons...They jumped me for my Dan Marino jersey.
by Ronald P. Cunningham III October 20, 2009
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Another name for the Cuban rapper Pitbull.
Pitbull: Mr. 305, checkin' in for the remix!
by angryangry May 26, 2009
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Mr. 305 other wise known as Pitbull. He uses this name to mean Mr. Miami because 305 is Miami's area-code.
Ha, Ha
It's Mr. 305 checkin' in for the remix
(I know you want me: by pitbull

I'm going to Mr. 305's concert. I love his song Hotel Room Service!!!
by bbya June 29, 2010
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305 Day is celebrated in the city of Miami because of the area code for the city (305)555-5555. It became the official day to have a shot of cuban coffee known as "Cafesito" at 3:05pm by the City of Miami. #Cafesito305
305 day cafesito 305 305 Miami South Florida
by Struck305 March 5, 2014
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A very sexually attractive young female from the Miami-Dade area of Florida, usually of hispanic descent, of which if you were to rate her beauty on a scale of 1 to 10, she would be a perfect 10, thus representing the DIME portion of the phrase. 305 is the area code of the Southern Florida location.
"I got a 305 dime I want it ever since I seen her..."
-Lil' Weezy
by Thews August 3, 2008
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