1 definition by Delonte Svevo

the area code and alternate, "Urban" name for the cosmopolitan major metropolopolis Miami, in which I make my residence. Because of my dangerous, drug-dealing proclivities, I subscribe to the Wittgensteinian post-structurist, ontological dialectically materialist possibly existential, "305 STATE OF MIND." Questions of commitment to the struggle are simply laughable, and your counter-argument is rendered irrelevant when i invoke the nymphs of Pit Bull the nymphs pleasing my ears with their many delicate harps and loots until I am ready to yell "305 TILL I DIE".
"What you know about 305, whiteboy?"

"that ain't 305"

"what "

"everything is corrupt in 305"
by Delonte Svevo March 22, 2009
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