Bill: Have you seen intimidator 305?
Bob: Yeah, it’s huge
by Joe David November 17, 2017
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When you have insufficient funds or insufficient desire to pay for premium content on an 18+ website. Typically used as a response by content creators when clients are requesting free content that is normally paid for.
"You got an Error 305? Man, stop being such a cheap-ass."
by PhancyStar January 6, 2022
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A bald creepy white man, most likely from Florida. May look like Pit Bull the rapper.
Call hr, Becky keeps calling me Mr 305 in the company group chat!
by Lilchocolategazelle September 3, 2021
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Someone that always has a one up story better than yours that makes no sense.
You: "The other day I bowled a 300! It was Sweet."
305 Bowler: "Oh Yeah, I once bowled a 305"

You: "I had 3 beers and was feeling it"
305 Bowler: "Me and my buddy were feeling it after we finished a keg between the 2 of us."
by GilMo702 August 18, 2008
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A 305 small block Chevrolet engine having a bore and stroke of 3.734x3.480 introduced in 1976 used in a varity of GM cars. Also used in pickup trucks under the name Vortec 5000.
by Rourke April 13, 2008
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A sex slang used by roller coaster enthusiasts to show off how good they are at sex.

The name derives from the roller coaster of the same name at Kings Dominion in Virginia. This ride is known for its intensity and causing riders to grey out. As a result it’s not that popular with the general public but a favorite among enthusiasts. So in other words, you’re so intense during sex that your partner will likely grey out and feel super exhausted after a while.
Girl: wanna have fun?
Dude: Just warning you, I’m like Intimidator 305 in bed ;)
by Noice42069 November 22, 2021
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